Moisture's Impact on Roof Life Span

Roofing consultants surveyed ranked moisture as the second most destructive event that negatively impacts the life span of a roof assembly. This is why every effort should be taken to avoid exposing the roof board to moisture before, during and after installation.

Survey Source:
Ducker Worldwide
Troy, Michigan
Research conducted October, 2016


See the absorbency test results

In independent testing1, 1/2" DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards:

  • Absorbed water 3x slower than 1/2" gypsum fiber in 2-hour soak test
  • Absorbed 68% less water than 1/2" gypsum fiber after 2-hour soak test
  • Took 3 days to absorb the same amount of water 1/2" gypsum fiber absorbed in just 2 hours

Flexural Strength

Before and After Standard 2-hour Soak Test

See the flexural test results

In independent testing2, 1/2" DensDeck® Prime Roof Board's:

  • Initial (dry) flexural strength was over 60% stronger than 1/2" gypsum fiber
  • Flexural strength was stronger wet (after 2-hour soak test) than 1/2" gypsum fiber when dry
  • Flexural strength was 3.9x stronger than 1/2" gypsum fiber after 2-hour soak test

Additional Performance Advantages

Independent test results revealed:

  • 1/2" DensDeck Prime provided 2X the puncture resistance than no cover board3
  • 1/4” DensDeck Prime ourperformed multiple 1/2" HD ISO cover boards3
  • 1/4" DensDeck Prime required a 2 inch hailstone to facture while 1/2" HD ISO required just 1.5 inch hailstone4

DensDeck Roof Boards:

  • Meets UL Class A rating at unlimited slope per ASTM E108 and UL 790
  • Meets 0 flame/0 smoke development rating per ASTM E843
  • Are noncombustible per ASTM E136

DensDeck Roof Boards are designed with the contractor in mind

  • Easy to score and cut without the need of specialty tools
  • Continuous low-rise adhesives contact without being weighted
  • Dimensionally stable gypsum core that does not require gapping between boards

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